So it’s another long weekend and my wives niece comes to stay with us as usual
after dinner my wives plastered trashed and in bed so I’m left to clean up
and watch tv with her niece I told her I’ll be tucking in soon an so should she the
guest room is made up in the basement it’s comfy she should get great rest,
going thru my camera footage seeing as I have them every where in the house I almost couldn’t watch
it was like a fucking porn this young girl starts feeling herself up wearing this
strange beaded g-string thingy I guess they wear now a days she sits up
moving around in the nude all restless feeling her body I felt guilty watching
like I was cheating but of course I was curious she takes off the covers
and starts rubbing her clit and continued to rub un till she orgasms takes a
sip of water like nothing happens and that’s it I kept a tape but I obviously
could never let my wife know that I watched her slutty hoe family member squirt pussy juice on are guest bed. Sent my Wives Niece to bed and this happened next

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