My hungry thirsty eyes couldn’t stop I was shocked she was nude in her yard Kirk was
in the Military away all the time she was a lonely hot and heavy very beautiful
housewife I wish I could plow her wet pussy forever, the first time they moved in
and came to introduce themselves I was hooked never thought I would see her outside
in her backyard going to town on her bald twat I can’t stop staring her husband
would rough me up or more she started out reading and rubbing her tits and pussy
real gently her shirt open to some sweet chest bumps she ends up dropping the
book and getting more into it damn I wish I could fuck her so hard right there,
she keeps rubbing and rubbing that clit un till orgasm and done I love this memory
great masturbation material forever installed in my brain. Spying on my Military neighbors fine ass wife Hip Hop Artist Charlie Baltimore look a like

Miracle needs a date

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