I keep a camera in my house too keep track of everything including suspicious activity
but what I saw on this day I will never forget I hired this really nice young maid to tidy up and do
laundry for me when I’m not home but what I caught on cam was shocking, my maid comes out of my kitchen
in her little skimpy maid outfit as usual with her duster tidying up but something is off it seems
like she is getting sensual with her body and even my fruits then WTF she gets on my table
and pulls her pussy out the side of her panties, what the hell is going on, she’s playing
with her bare pussy and sucking my cucumber like a cock I can’t believe this she jams
the cucumber in her dirty sticky cunt she fucks herself over and over moaning and loving it
probing her pussy hole on my table un till she orgasms I bet she knows I’m watching I don’t
know if I should fuck her or fire her mabey both. Caught my slutty dirty Maid ramming my cucumber in her cunt hole on cam

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