And your gonna love it folks the always horny farmers wife is back to show you
How To Master A Perfect Anal Douche Enema PT2
In this educational episode you will get the quick steps on how to perform the perfect Anal Douche Enema
the farmers wife is on another hot date tonight hoping all goes well with some butt play and her bent over
and anally injected, full all out hardcore ass fucking she will teach you what to do before
this romp romp so lets begin first she starts off shaking her fat ass for you just to ease the mood
rubbing all around step 1. she fills the Enema Bag with warm water then, step 2. she attaches the Enema Tube
and tada you are ready for your cleansing, So this sexy mature full body pro now inserts the tube in her
big ass and lets the water stream in and clean the anal thoroughly for perfection, now the fun, the water
cums shooting out her ass like a Hitop Water at maximum water pressure she’s now relieved
she cleans her pussy off with a smile then she rinses and repeats the procedure and shows how
clean her tight fuckable butt hole is she is now more then ready to get her asshole pounded like
a Porn star she’s so excited and can’t wait, Ladies please take notes from the pro. How To Master A Perfect Anal Douche Enema PT2

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