Ooooh she look good don’t she nice hair cut, sexy lips and mouth
she’s sucking that sucker like a cock and licking that lollipop
like the tip of a dick you know she’s a cock sucking pro she so beautifully gorgeous in that silky purple robe
it falls down her sweet chunky boobs fall out nice cool tattoo she knows how many guys want to
fuck her she knows how pretty she is damn soft ass pudding cup titties still
sucking that lollipop she finally disrobes too a very sexy shaved bald kitty
looks so tasty she starts rubbing her wet lollipop all over her fat wet pussy
making it even sweeter then she puts it back in her mouth to taste the pussy juices
while rubbing her swollen clit, she continues to rub un till she finishes. Lick it Like a Lollipop Emily Thorne tryna show you what that mouth do

Come see why I’m dating again

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