I always say that the first year in marriage is the most difficult of all, and although it was not considered a rule, for the newlyweds, the first year is the basis on which everything is built. It serves as a compass that indicates where the relationship will go, this year you discover many things about your husband and he is. There are some things that can be lived with and some must be changed.

But problems usually occur because one of the parties believes the other will change over time, which is a misconception. What did not happen in the first year will not happen later, so here is the guide for newlyweds to a successful and stable marital relationship after knowing the types of problems.

Types of problems in the first year of marriage

Different temperament

The difference in temperament between the spouses is the biggest obstacle that both of them face, as one of them may be romantic and loves to express love with words and roses, while the other practically does not pay attention to these matters.

But he may be able to express his love in actions, and one of them may be very orderly while the other is very chaotic, even the idea of ​​nervousness, calm, loud voice, low voice, and so on.

The domination of one of the spouses and the surrender of the other

It is unfortunate that one of the spouses is domineering, controlling, or selfish to a large extent, and no one thinks that the man is always the problem, sometimes the woman is the bossy, and marriage means full partnership and friendship and not the domination or control of one party over the other.

Parental intervention

Often, the intervention of the parents is the problem, and the parents must not intervene except with reform or if the spouses request that, and there should be no bias towards their son or daughter, but it is necessary to deal wisely and fairly with the one who has the right and direct the other party kindly.

Comparison to a previous relationship

When one or both of the parties have gone through a sermon or a previous marriage, the comparison is often made, especially if this party is forced to separate, but it is preferred, even if the comparison is positive, not to mention the name of the fiancé, husband, fiancée, or previous wife.

Your guide to a successful and stable married life in the first year of marriage

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