The man’s personality

Scholars differ in their analyzes about the extent of the harmony of men and women and the similarity of their personalities, while some scholars say that men differ from women in terms of strength and dominance that they imprint and appear in their relationships, while women are characterized by tenderness, affection, softness, and sensitivity that prevail over their relationships, but hate Regardless of the difference and the similarity, both spouses remain complementary to each other, sharing together the making of relationships with love, affection, spiritual harmony, and the harmony of their hearts; In order to have a happy and stable life together.

The art of dealing with men

A man needs to feel the affection and love of his partner, and her good dealings with him, which will achieve the satisfaction of both of them with the relationship and their happiness together, and a woman can make her partner aware of that through her effective way of dealing with him, which is in the following artistic methods:

Good communication with him

Good communication appears as an art of dealing and a basis for the relationship with men, and this is through the following appearances

His participation in the dialogue: Positive dialogue will be an effective part of communication through the two partners talking together calmly and smoothly, giving the woman her partner an opportunity to express his opinion, discuss him, ask him and ask for his suggestions and directives that serve the future of the relationship and make it more healthy and stable.

Listening to him: The woman must improve her listening skills, give her partner the right to express his opinion freely and fluently without interrupting him, and understand what he says well before preparing to respond to him, and she can ask him when there is a misunderstanding or confusion about her, and in return he listens to her and gives her freedom of expression Express her opinion and inform him.

Understanding his feelings: A woman can better understand the feelings of her partner when she puts herself in his place, and visualizes the situation more precisely from the angle that he sees and feels more, especially when he is upset, which leaves a deep impression on him and brings them closer. Giving him a private space: The parties in healthy relationships need a special space away from the other partner, and the man takes his opportunity to sit with himself, or spend time with his friends without disturbing his partner will make him happy and more satisfied with his relationship with her, and in return, she uses the private time to practice her hobbies and activities,

Enjoying him away from him increases her desire for him, and her desire to communicate with him after an absence.

The ability to give and to receive love

A man needs to feel the love of his partner for him and her happiness with him through her expression of these deep feelings to him in several ways, either by direct and pleasant conversation with him, or by good behavior and kind dealing that indicates affection and great intimacy towards him, and we do not forget the importance of a woman’s love and concern for herself, which is reflected in Its relationship with him, as the woman’s satisfaction with herself, confidence in her, and self-love will make her able to give more, and thus give these feelings to her partner with sincerity and affection.

The art of dealing with men

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