A marriage is hardly without complaints hiding here and there, which are short of opportunity to emerge when there is a disagreement or slip of the tongue, but complaints that emanate from unhappy couples deserve to stand up for a little.

1- The husband says: I wish my wife gave me more appreciation than this, especially when I return home. As I was surprised by a set of requests, complaints and instructions.

Family experts say that the human nature leans toward a yearning to hear gratitude and appreciation. So, always start to celebrate your husband and his accomplishments, and try to communicate your views in a calm way, not just when he arrives home.

2- The husband says: We have been exhausted by responsibilities, so we no longer enjoy our time as before, especially when we were lovers and engaged.

Experts comment on this point that the spouses should correct the matter and allocate a little time for them to have a romantic dinner together or watch a movie. To break the routine and renew the emotional bonds of marriage.

3- The husband says: I understand my wife’s troubles and the weight of her responsibilities, but I find it difficult to accept her over-dramatized conversations about her troubles with children and household responsibilities.

In this regard, experts say that it is normal for your daily difficulties to dominate the conversation, but do not forget that there is a marital and emotional relationship that must be given your attention and rest in light of troubles.

4- The husband says: Women often refer to me as one of the romantic men, but my wife does not value it and overlooks one of my most beautiful qualities.

Experts here advise that you release a little of your pressure, re-consider romantic girls in your marriage, and praise your husband’s gestures and romance.

5- The husband says: I thought I was doing good when I fully entrusted my wife with the responsibility of the house and the family, but later I found her complaining about this and me.

Experts say, on this point, you should be honest with your husband about the help that you are waiting for and what you do not want him to do.

6- The husband says: My relationship with my wife is no longer as intimate as before. She is far from me in comparison to our few years of marriage.

Experts comment that a wife should be frank about her intimate relationship with her husband, but that she should not be overly distant; Because this estrangement perpetuates the estrangement and makes it difficult to change things later.

7 – The husband says: My wife is waiting for me to be supportive all the time, while she does not know that, like her, I suffer from pressures, sadness, fear and frustration. Here,

Experts say that you should pay attention to his feelings, and think carefully that you and your husband, like most husbands, feel the same feelings; Because you are going through the same circumstances.

8- The husband says: My wife carries the burden of her work home. I try to help her as much as I can, but I see her neglecting home and family affairs.

Experts comment that you should stop receiving emails and communications related to work after a certain hour, and that you should separate the work environment from your home, so that you do not end up having become successful in one side and failed in another.

9 – The husband says: Since we got married, the religious belief of my wife has increased to an extent that has become exaggerated several times.

Experts say on this point, that the wife must remain close to her husband even if she chooses to comply with religious beliefs, adding that religiosity is a spiritual affair that is supposed to facilitate life rather than complicate it.

10 – The husband says: At the beginning, my wife was keen to renew her appearance and invent new ways of our sexuality, but she became traditional afterwards and no longer took the matter as important.

The 10 most common complaints of unhappy couples

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