Often some people think that the reason for joy, happiness and appetite for life are many factors such as fame, having money, travel, work and success, but they overlook that relationships between human beings are the most important cause of true happiness, so when a person is in a psychologically comfortable

relationship called a healthy relationship, the parties to the relationship feel comfortable Happiness and contentment, for this is true happiness.

Relationships that bring you the seventh of the heavens and the other that bring you down the seventh of the earth

In the past, they used to point out that there are social relationships that can make you fly in the sky that connects you with a “seventh heaven” and others that can make you unhappy, sad and worried, “bring you down a seventh earth.”

Relationships between human beings, such as water and air, in the journey of life, no one can give up, but it is necessary to choose a healthy relationship that makes you happy and makes life easier for you and its crises and problems.

Comfortable, good relationships extend life and reduce illness, and vice versa

And confirmed a study conducted at Harvard University and lasted 75 years, in order to identify the difference in people’s lives after many years they lived through their family relationships and their children and grandchildren, as the researchers found out

The most important need that directly affected a person’s mental and physical health, their longevity, their happiness and their ability to resist diseases, sorrows and old age is the existence of good relationships full of truth, compassion, closeness and understanding in their lives.

The study showed that the people who do not have good relationships in their lives were short, and their incidence of various diseases was more, in addition to their ability to withstand psychological and physical pain was less.

Relationships You have to stay away from them to ensure a happy life

Before you enter into a relationship with someone, you know very well that there are 5 types of relationships that you should avoid and move away immediately if you feel that you are in one of them, because a bad choice makes you sad and miserable in your life.


Doubt is one of the pathological conditions, especially if it exceeds the acceptable, and it is also the most basic psychological disease, which many people suffer from, where being in a relationship with a person with permanent suspicion makes life more difficult where living in an unnatural way

Many psychologists refer to the seriousness of the relationship with a person who suffers from suspicion, as this disease is a type of obsessive-compulsive disease, so it is necessary to stay away from any relationship that is dominated by suspicion, as excessive scrutiny makes the life of the other party hell.

the control Control is one of the most harmful relationships where living in a relationship in which there is an authoritarian person makes the other party unable to express his opinion or object, so he feels

that he is not a partner in this relationship, but rather follows the controlling party.

Also, this relationship makes the other party over time lose confidence in himself due to the inability to make a decision as he becomes a victim over time.

You are blamed

There are people who always try to blame a life partner, where you are in a bloody state of complaining and complaint, as you work on knowing that the other party suffers a psychological crisis during which it escapes from the successes of others.

Do not let this person make you the reason for his mistakes, and do not accept that he tells you that you are responsible for all the negative things in his life, so you should stay away from him and confront him that these problems are due to his limitations and weak capabilities, or perhaps to his personal circumstances.

The narcissist

You have to stay completely away from the narcissist, because this person devotes all of his priorities to the sake of his personal interest only, even if that is in return for it the cost of others, as the narcissist is a toxic person who works to use the person as a ladder to reach and achieve his goals and personal interests.

A liar Lying is one of the worst qualities that you cannot appreciate living with, especially as it is a common characteristic of high people, where being in a relationship with a person who always lies is a completely distorted and psychologically uncomfortable relationship where this person evades the consequences of his actions and does not have any constants

Relationships are the secret of happiness and comfort … so avoid 5 types of them to prevent them from ruining you

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