Couples spend roughly a third of their lives sleeping together, or at least trying it out with different sleep needs, preferences, and problems, it can be just as much effort trying to get a good night’s sleep together as it does during our waking hours. And a bad rest at night portends badly to happy faces in the morning and throughout the day, and despite this there is a lot of damage that occurs during the separation of the spouses in sleeping together in one bed.

Reasons for the husband to sleep away from his wife

If you do not sleep well with a spouse in bed, you are not alone. It is a big problem. A National Sleep Foundation survey found:

About 12% of married couples sleep alone.

Sleep is linked to marital satisfaction. Those with low marital satisfaction are more likely than their counterparts to report symptoms of insomnia and sleepiness during the day, and they sleep less than they did five years ago.

Add babies to this mixture and you will lose more sleep and experience more sleepy symptoms during the day. Over 12% of married adults with children reported that they usually slept with a baby; The vast majority of these adults (81%) reported having trouble sleeping.

More than a third of adults report snoring multiple times a week. If the snoring reverberates in your bed, it may send shock waves through your relationship and your bed partner outside of the home.

It may also be a symptom of sleep apnea, a dangerous disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops during sleep. Sleep apnea has been associated with decreased sexual desire and sexual activity.

Damage to the husband’s sleep away from his wife

There are many reasons that can make the husband’s departure from the marital bed inevitable and necessary, but this is reflected in the wife and constitutes a kind of damage that appears on the relationship between them, and causes some kind of future problems that the marriage is going through, so the drought in the bed is reflected in the marital life.

Emotional dehydration: In the event that the husband continues to sleep away from his wife, this is evidence of a state of habituation and sleep alone, this method helps to relax and get used to sleeping more comfortably and not indifferent to sleeping next to the wife, where a kind of emotional dryness and lack of interest in cuddling is born. And blame during sleep is to feel comfortable and reassured in the presence of the partner, so this situation must be addressed from the beginning of the marriage and the husband is not used to sleeping alone. Lack of dialogue: Lying in bed next to the partner at night is one of the things that helps to strengthen the relationship between them and allow a kind of continuous dialogue between the spouses, as each of them expresses to the other the things that I talked to him throughout the day, whether good or bad things, so sleeping separately helps to The presence of a large space and a gap and the loss of the language of dialogue between them, and this as time passes becomes a natural and irreparable thing

and may cause the existence of differences and psychological and physical divergence between them.

Weak intimate relationship: as it is considered that it is normal for the type of husband separated from the wife to cause a dry and lukewarm relationship between them, and this reduces the presence of less communication and a lack of interest in each other’s needs, and this results in the future having disputes that may cause a kind of tension between them And betrayal resorted to by the husband as a kind of lack of marital relationship.

Betrayal: These are the last consequences that occur to the spouses after their separation from each other. Sleeping separately, as the distance between the spouses leads to their months of emptiness and lack of interest in the other, so the lack of physical and psychological communication leads to the husband looking for the woman who shares his feelings and interests and listens to him. The wife should not allow him to sleep far from him, as this is the beginning of a lot of harm.

Husband sleep away from his wife

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