With the many psychological pressures and responsibilities, especially after the spread of the global Corona epidemic, marital disputes and quarrels for a long time became one of the most threatening problems for the family and society. Many of those disputes developed into separation and divorce.

In the following report, you know more about the state of long strife that occurs between the spouses for many months, as the language of dialogue between spouses is completely cut off during this period, which results in a complete separation of the spouses despite their meeting in one house.

Causes of long quarrel between spouses

The causes of long marital quarrels fall under a group of reasons that create quarrels and severe problems between spouses that may lead to aggressive behavior, insults or violence, which leads to a state of long strife between them. Among these reasons are:

    Material reasons.

    Problems with intimacy.

    Many differences in raising children.

    Parents exaggerate interference in the private life of spouses.

    Marriage responsibilities.

    Psychological problems suffered by one of the spouses, such as (suspicion, jealousy, selfishness, self-love, lack of self-sufficiency, or a feeling of neglect and lack of appreciation).

How to end the long quarrel between spouses

This phenomenon is negative and deeply disturbing to the soul, and a solution must be found to get rid of tension, anxiety, excitement and nervousness, and among the most important ways that spouses can follow to get out of this cycle of tension and do the following things:

Get rid of negative feelings

In the beginning, the negative feelings that dominate the spouses during the quarreling period must be eliminated. Because it increases the severity of things and makes the problems more difficult. Therefore, the spouses must strive to expel the feelings of fear, tension, anxiety, confusion and nervousness that control the relationship and increase the period of conflict between them.

Rest and fight routine

Changing the daily routine is one of the most important advice that you must follow, so finding a new routine that depends on change is one of the most important methods that help in treating the problem of long quarreling, because the lack of time for the spouses to go out together is one of the things that kill happiness in marital life, so you have to provide times for new activities with your husband And giving a vacation to regain your energy again.

Spouses’ interest in each other

The interest generated by both spouses is sufficiently large to get rid of the long strife between spouses, so each of them must care about the other with all love and tenderness while showing feelings of love and affection in dealing, this method dissolves any problems or sharp differences between the spouses and gives them the opportunity to return to each other and give up the quarrel And the estrangement that gripped their relationship.

Show your femininity and beauty

You can use your female weapon in some cases of marital disputes, the most important solution to contributing to the reconciliation of spouses and getting rid of the period of intense and long strife is to show women their femininity and highlight their beauty, the intimate relationship will remain the magic and special key in the marital relationship and work to erase marital disputes and conflicts. Therefore, you are perfect in showing your femininity and be pampered in your interactions with your husband.

Going to a professional or attending social seminars Sometimes when the differences between the spouses have passed for a long period and severe apathy has occurred, it is preferable to go to a specialist doctor or an expert in family relations, or to attend some social seminars that specialize in organizing the marital relationship and psychological and family counseling, and the wife can benefit from these seminars and is keen to attend and learn from the lectures and lessons And marital and social concepts and works to apply this on the ground in her marital life and transfer knowledge to her husband, directly and indirectly.

How do you deal with long periods of quarrel between your husband?

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