A large number of men in the Arab world may be forced to exile and travel outside the country due to the poor economic conditions that many societies suffer from, and in light of the estrangement that the husband endures to meet the requirements of his wife and children, the wife becomes responsible for everything related to her life or the lives of her children. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the estranged husband and to have a great role in communicating with him doubly in order to preserve the relationship between them, but how does the wife communicate with her estranged husband constantly and consolidate their relationship despite the distances?

Ways of communicating with the expatriate husband despite the distances

Talk to him regularly

One of the most important and prominent ways to make you stay in touch with your expatriate husband is to talk to him daily, through electronic means of communication that have become much in circulation now.

Therefore, you have to agree with your husband to set aside a specific time to speak with him in order to be sure of his health, work and life abroad, and make sure that the children are present to communicate with their father, this works to create a simple family atmosphere, and do not forget to make him feel how much you long for him and that you miss his presence With you and his children.

Exchange messages with him In addition to talking to him at least once a day, make sure to exchange messages between you, and make him feel that he is

among you knowing everything that is happening with you, and always tell him the good news and do not inform him about the bad news, so that he does not feel sad and sad because he is away from you, and he also promises to do that with you. And to talk to you about everything that happens with him.

Spiritual communication

Know that your husband suffers from estrangement a lot, and endures many daily pressures in his work, and when he returns home he does not find anyone who contains him and tolerates him, so you should never feel that you lose you or his children, and always be spiritually with him even if he cannot talk to you due to special circumstances in his work Prevented him from that.

Do not complain and be flexible with him and let him know how much you understand the matter, and that constant feeling of spiritual contact with him suffices even if you do not speak on the phone, and you must teach your children how to take into account their father’s circumstances and that he is doing his best for them.

Share it while doing home chores

In order for your husband to feel your presence with him always, make sure to contact him via video call technology during the period of his housework, from preparing food or arranging the house, and do not skimp on your advice on cooking and the best methods and spices used in preparing food. You can prepare your food for you and your children at the same time, so that you can also eat at the same time as if you were sitting at the same table.

Exchanging surprises

There are some simple details that you can implement that will make your husband feel how close he is to you and the children. Send him a written answer in the mail. This surprise will have a great impact on himself, and you can send a gift with a relative or friend traveling to the same country in which he works, thus your husband will feel how much you appreciate And your love for him.

Do not forget the love of your husband

Take the time to send poems, love and pictures of roses and flowers to your husband during the day, especially during working hours. This will not make him and you feel that there are still feelings of love and affection between you. The geographical barriers that separate you will not affect them, and that your hearts are still bound to each other and therefore such things Simple things mean a husband and wife a lot.

Record your important moments

In order for the husband to feel that he is always with you and with his children, you must send video clips that carry details and scenes bearing the moments and times in your life, record happy moments, document important events and send them to him, this way relieves him of the pain of his acute estrangement and makes him feel his presence with you and by his children.

For example, you should record moments of honoring your son for his excellence in studies or sports, or documenting the moment of the first step that your little girl skipped and sent to her father in her immediate moment, and many other situations that please his heart and make him feel joy.

How do you communicate with your expatriate husband despite the distances?

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