what is love? The euphoric feeling of romantic love we all feel deeply. But could it last? It is the only question most people ask themselves. The answer is yes! Science tells us that romantic love, or “true love,” can last.

5 Reasons true love does not change even after marriage

The feeling of “blind love”

They say love is blind and in this case this is true, when a couple falls in love, they say it makes us stand out and maintains positive illusions about our partners. For example, no matter what it may sound like, you always find him good-looking, smart, fun and caring! Husband is a complete “catch” for you and only helps you stay happy over time.

If the question is, does love remain the same even after marriage? Then you must understand that when we fall in love with someone for the first time, we worship everything about them, thus maintaining a sense of “loving blindness” which can also remain in a long-term relationship.

There is always something new to try

One way to ensure that love remains the same even after marriage, is to always try new things together. Boredom is harmful to any long-term relationship, as it can become a major obstacle on the path to lasting romantic love. One way that successful couples keep things interesting is by participating in new or challenging activities that can often help with self-improvement. Studies show that these couples experience the most intense love, and as a result, they maintain a strong physical and emotional attraction to one another.

To be independent of each other

In a long-term relationship, it is clear that couples tend to start to depend on each other, this is a result of a partnership for security and stability, however, this exciting spark can be doused, experts explain. If a couple sees each other sometimes doing their own things or taking charge or control of things without the other being involved, it can keep the spark. The element of want can hinder the desire, so when the desire is strong, there is radiance and confidence in the spouses.

Passion for life drives passion in love

Psychologists answer whether love remains the same even after marriage, yes. They say that couples with a strong passion for life manage to maintain long romantic relationships. Science shows that individuals who demonstrate excitement for life and passion for their approach to everyday life can evoke strong feelings in their relationship and strong feelings for their loved ones as well.

So if you want your long-term relationship to always be in love, make sure that you are passionate about life and your emotional energy at work and personal life will improve. Surveys show that couples who have more frequent and satisfying sex tend to have long-term love relationships.

Invest time and energy in the relationship

Does love remain the same even after marriage? People used to look to marriage for safety and security. However, the societal norm has changed, and now men and women only marry for the sake of self-realization and self-realization.

When you marry for these reasons, the marriage can be more satisfying for both partners. This way, you can ensure that you and your partner can invest more time and energy into your relationship so that it works. As long as each partner is able to bring more of their resources into the relationship, it becomes a self-expressing marriage and can have a better success rate.

Don’t get married just to serve your basic needs for companionship. There is so much that it can offer when it comes to self-improvement. Psychologists these days suggest that married couples are a source of self-realization. Because it can be a driving force for long-lasting romantic love. As long as both partners are willing to put more effort and passion into the relationship. It can become more gratifying as well as good for personal well-being

Does love remain after marriage and signs of that?

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