Subjective outlook and imaginative aspirations

Young people often live unrealistic rosy dreams and irrational perceptions of marriage, and people think that the romance we see in movies is the way to express love.

While love can be expressed in many things, including bearing the responsibility of this marriage, including relinquishing some character to gain more adaptation and adaptation between the spouses. This also includes the view of the spouses for the idea of ​​proportionality between them that it must be similar, while in fact it should be complementary, so they must complement each other.

Complaint and divulging secrets between spouses

One of the reasons that aggravate the problem, even if it is for the parents, is because the one who listens only looks from the narrator’s point of view and may unintentionally give you unwise advice – in addition to the presence of some ill-intentioned people as well – then the problem arises more and more.

Hurry to rush into everything

A scourge and in marriage, it is a major scourge, regardless of the stage, so hastening to choose a mistake and in the sermon is a mistake, but one should be careful when thinking and asking about the other party and asking for prayer, then study the person well during the sermon and extinguish the voice of the heart a little to have the right thinking about the suitability of the two young men to each other or not.

As for after marriage, the first year should be the year of construction, foundation, and getting used to and sending the pillar of this marriage, rather it is preferable to postpone childbearing in it to ensure that the two spouses are in harmony and because the children may bring other responsibilities that postpone this compatibility.

Advance opinion

Preconceived opinions about a man or woman, about the form of marriage, or about the relationship with the family, we often find a girl who turns away from her husband’s family and sees that the husband’s family will not love her no matter what she does, perhaps because of her mother’s relationship with her father’s family or because of the media that often offended the image of the mother-in-law, etc. Of course, it negatively affects relationship building.

Great attachment to parents

Another bad thing is the strong attachment to the family, which makes the marriage immature and both parties immature and do not have the wisdom to manage this marriage, so you find the marriage and the house unstable because one or both of them want to spend all the time with his family and tell them everything and so on.

Poor choice

Poor choice from the beginning is the worst of these reasons, and perhaps if the spouses are not mature and try to cope, this will lead to the demolition of this marriage.

Fatal mistakes after marriage Some habits that do not appear in the sermon are revealed, as the engaged people always appear in the best image and form in front of each other, including simple but very stressful habits such as chaos, general and personal hygiene habits, loud voice, etc.

Causes of problems in the first year of marriage

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