Both of you accept each other, for their faults and advantages.

Make time to spend together, without any phones or anything bothering you both.

Create some common habits.

Don’t take life too seriously, everything passes by time.

Try to make every day the best.

Spouses should strive to be both better versions of themselves.

Learn together how to confront problems and not evade them.

Both of you must always show your love for the other side by word and deed.

Pay more attention to your wife / husband than you do to your phone.

Don’t mock each other’s choices, whatever they are.

Laugh a lot together. There is a saying that says, “A married couple who laughs together, stay together.”

Stay away from insults, whatever the case, because respect is the basis of a successful marital relationship.

Plan your life together, but largely realistic.

Be friends as well as lovers and spouses.

Celebrate the simple things and the little successes of both of you.

Fight correctly! No insults, no loud voice, no mention of past problems and confusion.

A little adventurous once in a while, a great opportunity to discover more about the other person.

Talk about financial matters and obligations clearly, so that you each know your role

Make a clear budget for the home and stick to it.

Save an amount of cash for emergencies.

Are either of you facing some debt? So, he should be honest with the other party.

Do you want to tell your wife to limit her expenses? Well, tell her that in a nice way, not in the imperative.

Do you want your husband to buy something in the house? Wait for the right time and ask him to do so.

Set aside some money to buy gifts for both of you on occasions.

Being connected, but not sticky. Meaning, if one of you wants to travel or go out with his friends, let him do that.

Always be ready to forgive, quick.

Learn each other’s love language.

Keep your promises to each other, no matter how small.

Thank you each other for anything they do for you.

Don’t go to bed angry at each other.

30 successful and stable marriage golden rules in the first year of marriage

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