Every relationship, no matter how amazing, goes through a period of doubt, anger, pain and frustration. There are some signs of a healthy relationship. If you are married, you will know that Maroon 5 was right when they said, “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s the compromise that moves us along.” Marriage is about playing on the same team and struggling in life with your best friend, that means there are highs, lows and stages in the middle. It’s hot, cold and warm but in the end you’re still together.

12 signs of a healthy marriage

You have your own space

Weirdly though, space is the key to rapprochement because it looks so contrasting but it works honestly! Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean your life is connected to each other in a way that you spend every waking hour together. Growth occurs when hobbies, interests, and friendships are cultivated individually as well.

You have your own fights

Disagreement means that you have things that you represent regardless of how everyone else feels. It is healthy for your case to be presented fairly and respectfully. The purpose is to get out of it by getting to know your husband better and not to harm the relationship or harm it by cursing or belittling him. It is also important to apologize when you are wrong.

You have the same basic values

This is very important to avoid feeling like you’ve made the wrong decision later. Many people may find attractive but differ in their core beliefs and values, causing relationships to fizzle out after the initial stage ends.

You learn to let some things go

Intimacy leads to contempt. This means that you will be annoying each other. You will scream and fight, too. You will remember all the times he did or did nothing and he will build up. Talk about it, and let it go. The best relationships are those between two great tolerant ones.

You actually love your partner

Aside from intimacy and living together as part of marriage, it is important to love your partner as a human being. Would you be friends with him if marriage was not your destiny? Will his attributes still be great? Do you have moments when you both laugh and enjoy each other?

you are kind

Love is patience, love is kind, it is actually a very good guide to marriage if you think about it. If you find that you treat people you barely know with more respect, care and kindness than your man, then you should ask yourself why this is happening. Your partner deserves your best.

You want each other Intimacy is important, intimacy is about companionship, bonding, little inner jokes, the spoon, intimacy and all those warm,

mysterious things about the love every human needs. A healthy relationship is a combination of the good times in and out of the bedroom and having romantic moments.

You have no secrets

Confidentiality is not fair if you feel the need to hide things from your partner, this is a sign of poor communication between the two of you, a lack of respect for commitment, or a lack of comfort in being yourself in the relationship. All of these things are dangerous to your relationship and the sooner it is dealt with, the better. Which brings us to our next point.

You speak your mind

Feeling that there is no one to talk to or that your partner won’t understand what you want to say is one of the most lonely feelings ever. A good relationship is one in which you and your partner are a team and can do anything to help the other person feel better, including hearing them. Likewise, if you aren’t listening to your partner, now is the time to start.

There is confidence

We cannot stress how important trust is. Insecurity is eating into husbands and leading to bigger problems. Try to keep your relationship as open and stress-free as possible to avoid trust issues because these relationships take longer to repair.

You complete each other Sometimes love is when you fill in each other when the other just can’t. This means that if your husband cooks a habit and is

occupied with a stressful presentation, then you take over with pleasure. Basically, you always want to make life easier for the other.

Your relationship is your happy place

At the end of the day, you want to go home for your partner and relax together. When life gets stressful, all you can do is wait to vent his feelings and let him comfort you, give you a solution, or just listen. This is a big sign of a healthy relationship.

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